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One of the major issues I constantly hear when talking to coaches and consultants is:


And this is a bit puzzling, because the online world is full of potential clients (= Leads)! 

Join us at this experiential, gamified workshop and not only learn 3 brand new online lead generation strategies - but apply them directly at the workshop! 

And because it's a challenge or a game, there's also a prize... :)

Do you want to be challenged? 

And have leads by the end of the workshop - ready to be turned into paying clients?

Then this is for you. 

I'm looking forward to seeing you online ! 


What attendees say...

Some Stats...

Volume 01 - Jan 7, 2021

Average Lead / Participant: 31 (+ 25 with a gift at the end)
Top Producer got 68 Leads, at the workshop!
2 prizes won worth 497 CHF each

Volume 02 - Feb 4, 2021

Average Lead / Participant: 28 (+ 25 with a gift at the end) 
Top Producer got 64 Leads, at the workshop!
2 prizes won worth 497 CHF each

Volume 03 - March 4, 2021

Average Lead / Participant: 24 (+ 25 with a gift at the end) 
Top Producer got 33 Leads, at the workshop!
1 prize won worth 497 CHF 

Pardon me.

I never introduced myself. 

My name is Nathalie Sabrina Dahl, and following over 20 years of business background and 15 years studying Personal Development, I changed career from an accountant to full time coach and trainer. 

It wasn’t easy at first. I’ve been where you are. I’ve asked the same questions: 

How can I find leads in the fastest, most efficient way possible? 

What do I need to do so people get me - and what I offer? 

How can I leverage my time and make my business more sustainable so I do not have to work so hard? 

Once I cracked the Lead Generation Principles for Coaches & Consultants, life and business became easy - and much more fun! You might have seen me in...

the TV Show "Pathways to Success"
climing Mount Kilimanjaro
with Blair Singer - the Trainers Trainer
with Taki Moore - the Million $ Coach
Member of

Training Academy

And money is just one way to measure success: Over the past 5 years, I’ve helped hundreds of coaches just like you to recreate success for themselves and their businesses.

I’d like to do the same for you. That’s why I’m running a very special event called “The 3 Hour Lead Challenge” to show you what I would do differently if I was starting over again today...

... and what's possible in the online world.

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What participants say...
Session was amazing, Mastermind, Ugly videos, can totally vouch for working with Nathalie * all useful strategies, moving me a big step forward, loved the mastermind * loved the reinforcement * simplicity of the ideas, mobilizing other people, indirect selling * amazing session, very pragmatic and simple * make it less perfect * given me knowledge and skills to help me grow my business beyond
Joined to get strategies that are easy to use, immediatly to try them out during the challenge. Moving from theory to action in a short time and see the results right away. Just reaching out to people, boardroom strategy: tried it - and it worked! setting up a whole Linkedin Group around it.

It just helps to get out of your Comfort Zone, very interactive, Nathalie is great at getting people involved, Just getting it done, it's action based! Really pleasant, fun and energizing!
Feedback on my title * Brainstorming Session Strategy * very useful, better learn from someone who did it already instead of doing it on your own * lightbulbs went on * Put down value and milestones in a post format - changes the whole thing - big learning * Ugly videos was my favorite
really liked the very first strategy, very simple but useful *  realized I have to break down my fundamentals and be more specific * just getting 5 - 6 people together so they can feel you and hear you * find the right pain points * Creativity works better together * head stand videos - brilliant * I can see myself using all 3 strategies
The simplicity of it - getting out there more regularly * doing it in a group and not making it perfect really helps * choose one small offer - am always caught in complexitiy * thank you so much, it was amazing - biggest learning: not to overthink, just go out and do it * talking with others in the group * 2 am here in India, I'm still awake - was phenomenal * beautiful session - am fortunate to have come across such a great opportunity * now I know what to do with my contacts, you have connected the dots * amazing and fun, time passes so fast

Divya Winterer, Switzerland

The content was practically demonstrated and it was a very clear roadmap. I know what the next steps are from here. I learned at what stage of business development use which strategy.

Anne Marie Schulte, Switzerland

I now feel confident that I could actually start a thriving coaching business.

Wolfgang Boll

Helped me to an overview of an structured approach to establish my business

Desiree van der laan, Netherlands

Amazed by the effect of online seminar
interactive & educative

Marie-Hélène Galatopoulos, Switzerland

Was very interesting, and useful, it gives lots of ideas on how to built and optimize communication strategies focused on business, and what is more likely to succeed !

I really appreciate the fact that you gave me the opportunity to reintegrate the workshop as I had to leave earlier and lately not giving up while had a problem with my email address. Thank you !

Aaron Hale, Australia

Very Informative. For anyone wanting to expand their business online, the Freedom Coach is a great overview of what is required and the various stages of implementation. It is interactive and gives you immediate momentum, whatever stage you are at.

Gabriela Gal, Zurich
"The energy of Nathalie is wonderful and inspiring. I'm a lot clearer about systems and strategies to grow my business. I plan to continue to wrk with her. Very positive!"
Elisabeth Tognazza, Zürich
"This is the 2nd time I go through this workshop and I learn so much. I got a structure where to start with my own business and how to get leads, which were unknonw subjects to me.There is lots of content, very useful and practical."
Anja Blodow, Munich DE
"Nathalie gives fantastic value with a great mix of lists, structure and hands-on advice. You get an overview and next step action at the same time. Very hands on, fantastic mix of customer-orientation and tools and ideas to systemize the business. Really impressed!"
Claudia Gödel, Hamburg DE
"A lot of very valuable content. Some parts could even be an extra workshop on their own! Really hands-on, a lot of AHA-moments, good structure of the workshop."
Sherif El-Henaoui, Caslano CH
"It is the first time I see the complete business cycle on ane practical, hands-on work sheet. The workshop gave me the full picture from where I'm at to a scaled business."
José Mendes, Fribourg
"Clarity of speech, enough content to feel ready for action. Good rythm through the session and everyone participating actively."
Laure Dangla, Zurich
"Clean preview, very structured. Super useful workshop, great energy in the room. Amazing content delivered in a professional and interactive way. I highly recommend the workshop!"
Kasia Gerlée, Vienna AT
"It was eye opening! To clarify my niche, what I need to do to start my business and the amount of knowledge was AMAZING. Well prepared!"
Sunday Marbach, Zurich
"Amazing information. Never heard most of the infos. Very intensive. Nathalie did an amazing job teaching us about the coaching business. She showed us the work which is needed to make the business work. I have learned to work through the foundation and not just to start with the "walls" or the "roof".
Antonio Oliva, Italy
"Energetic, structured, involving: I bring home a lot of knowledge compressed in 1 day only. Thank you!"
Miriam Lau, Munich DE
"Super useful know-how. It's great to connect with other coaches who have the same questions, are in the same situation and to get all the answers in the course."
Linda Stähli, Mollis CH
"This day gives a real overview how to become visible and get results. Nathalie is a great presence and absolutely supportive. I just can recommend it for everyone who wants to start."
Katrin Rossi, Zurich
"Very well structured course that shows steps necessary to strategically grow and scale your coaching business!"
Mario Wirz, Lausanne CH 
"Great energy and speaker, conscious learning, excellent organisation and planning, networking and idea sharing."
Hellen Tiethoff, Zurich
"The group exercises, the joy of the games and learnings from them are a reason I would advise to participate in workshops like the one Nathalie presented today."

And what's more is we're going to implement the lead generating strategies right there, at the workshop, so be ready to experience...

The Accelerated Learning Techniques, which make
everything as Easy to Learn as 1, 2, 3…

Experience the exercises, tools and techniques:

Unlock the Secret Vault to your Brain and learn More, Faster, Better:

This is not your ordinary business program where you sit and wait until it’s over, bored, checking your watch and looking forward to the next break. During the whole program we are using

The Accelerated Learning Technique™

By engaging you in the processes, practicing, role & game playing and many exercises, we stimulate both your left and right brain so that you retain more of what you learn, have fun doing so and walk out of the program prepared to directly implement what you learned in your business. 

Location, Date, Investment:
June 3, 2021, from 6 pm to 9.30 pm CET

Online: Your Lounge Room or Home Office
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limited seats (first come first serve basis)


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