freedom Coach Intensive
1 Day live workshop

How to Grow & Scale your Coaching Business 
For more Impact, Profit and Freedom
November 28th, 2020, at the Mövenpick Hotel, Zurich
After interviewing and working with more than 500 Coaches & Consultants...
We found that most Coaches & Consultants have 3 Core Problems when it comes to Growing and Scaling their Business:

A lot of Coaches & Consultants still work on a 1:1 basis. 

Nothing wrong with that, it's a valuable model to help people & businesses improve.

Problem is: It's not scalable - it's very limited. And the weight is solely on your shoulders to fulfill and deliver.
There are at least 1001 strategies about how to grow and scale a Business. 

The problem is: To pick the right one. One that also works for you, depending on your strengths, preferences and goals.
Apart from that, selecting and testing strategies can be very time consuming and expensive.  And it can get pretty overwhelming, too.

When I ask Coaches & Consultants what they currently do to get clients the most common answers are:
  • Referrals 
  • ​Networking
  • Word of mouth 

Problem with those strategies is:

They are neither scalable nor predictable. 

If you have no system to get clients, you are always either at the mercy of other people or depending on a lot of organic activities to ensure enough lead flow into your business.

In our 1 Day Freedom Coach Intensive Live Workshop 
we will show you how to implement these 3 Pillars:
Pillar 1:

Set a solid foundation for your business and learn how to avoid the mistakes most coaches do whe setting up their business. Assess your strengths, preferences and goals and pick the right scalable Business Model which fits you and your style.

A Business Model which ensures Profit for you - and for your clients (in terms of ROI of what you deliver).

We will give you a mixing desk of possibilities to create your personal Business Model right there at the event.
Pillar 2:

Learn 5 Strategies how to quickly find clients and add more revenue to your top line and more profit to your bottom line.

Take a look at your business to see what's not working well enough, find out why and how to fix it.

Using these strategies enabled our clients to double their income in 60 days - check out some of the Case studies here.
Pillar 3:

Without Systems and a way to make things work on an ongoing basis, your business will be a constant struggle.

Because you will be FORCED to work hard and fight for every client, or every hour of your free time, if you do not have a system that guarantees sustainability - or in other words - the SURVIVAL of your Business.
What Participants of the Freedom Coach Intensive Workshops say

Anja Blodow, Germany
"Fantastic workshop to help me grow my own business in a way that leaves me enough time to take care of my family and do the things I love. Like the title said (Freedom Coach) to create such a business and to grow in a sustainable way. Great structure, very professional!"

Claudia Gödel, Germany
"absolutely clear where I am and what I need to do now, before I did not have the perspective to talk about my business, now I can clearly communicate my message. Any coach will take insights from this workshop - highly recommend it!"

Martin Nowak, Germany
"great energy & lessons! learned about the Million $ Funnel & finally found my niche"

Desirée van der Laan, ZRH
"I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to grow your Coaching Business!"

Antonio Oliva, Italy
"learned a lot about the online approach, which is essential as a Coach"
We will also cover throughout the day:

Learn & Implement the 3 only funnels you need to scale your Biz

These 3 funnels are responsible for 95 % of our and our clients' leads (and customers of course).

Learn how to implement them into your own Business to scale to multiple 5 figures per month revenue.
Learn about the highway to growing and scaling - regardless where you're at

And find out what your personal next steps are to clime the ladder from START UP to GROW UP and SCALE UP.

Implement this knowledge to create a clear path for your next 3, 6 and 12 months using the Money Map Tool.
Learn how to add more Value to your Clients - while using less of your time

How can you have both: More free time (as a Freedom Coach) AND add more Value to your clients?

Learn this proven concept to directly implement it into your existing business. 
Your Own Freedom Coach Model - based on your needs, goals & preferences

Find the matching Model depending on your Coach Personality Type.

Adjust the model to your own needs and preferences to ensure satisfaction on all 3 levels: Impact, Time and Profit.
More voices of our Attendees:
Gabriela Gal, Zurich
"The energy of Nathalie is wonderful and inspiring. I'm a lot clearer about systems and strategies to grow my business. I plan to continue to wrk with her. Very positive!"
Elisabeth Tognazza, Zürich
"This is the 2nd time I go through this workshop and I learn so much. I got a structure where to start with my own business and how to get leads, which were unknonw subjects to me.There is lots of content, very useful and practical."
Anja Blodow, Munich DE
"Nathalie gives fantastic value with a great mix of lists, structure and hands-on advice. You get an overview and next step action at the same time. Very hands on, fantastic mix of customer-orientation and tools and ideas to systemize the business. Really impressed!"
Claudia Gödel, Hamburg DE
"A lot of very valuable content. Some parts could even be an extra workshop on their own! Really hands-on, a lot of AHA-moments, good structure of the workshop."
Sherif El-Henaoui, Caslano CH
"It is the first time I see the complete business cycle on ane practical, hands-on work sheet. The workshop gave me the full picture from where I'm at to a scaled business."
José Mendes, Fribourg
"Clarity of speech, enough content to feel ready for action. Good rythm through the session and everyone participating actively."
Laure Dangla, Zurich
"Clean preview, very structured. Super useful workshop, great energy in the room. Amazing content delivered in a professional and interactive way. I highly recommend the workshop!"
Kasia Gerlée, Vienna AT
"It was eye opening! To clarify my niche, what I need to do to start my business and the amount of knowledge was AMAZING. Well prepared!"
Sunday Marbach, Zurich
"Amazing information. Never heard most of the infos. Very intensive. Nathalie did an amazing job teaching us about the coaching business. She showed us the work which is needed to make the business work. I have learned to work through the foundation and not just to start with the "walls" or the "roof".
Antonio Oliva, Italy
"Energetic, structured, involving: I bring home a lot of knowledge compressed in 1 day only. Thank you!"
Miriam Lau, Munich DE
"Super useful know-how. It's great to connect with other coaches who have the same questions, are in the same situation and to get all the answers in the course."
Linda Stähli, Mollis CH
"This day gives a real overview how to become visible and get results. Nathalie is a great presence and absolutely supportive. I just can recommend it for everyone who wants to start."
Katrin Rossi, Zurich
"Very well structured course that shows steps necessary to strategically grow and scale your coaching business!"
Mario Wirz, Lausanne CH 
"Great energy and speaker, conscious learning, excellent organisation and planning, networking and idea sharing."
Hellen Tiethoff, Zurich
"The group exercises, the joy of the games and learnings from them are a reason I would advise to participate in workshops like the one Nathalie presented today."
Desirée van der Laan, ZRH
"a great day, I met people that are working on the same challenges and goals. Next to the great people I learned a lot about how to become the freedom coach I want to be :-) now I need to put actions in place!! 1 step at a time."
Yvonne Schlechtweg, DE
"Great structure & presenting. Very valuable Workshop today"
Elisabeth Tognazza, Zurich
"Very professional presentation, content extremly valuable + useful, never boring."
What students who applied the strategies say

Learn how to free yourself up in your business, so you have a choice:

  •  When to work with whom
  •  How many hours a week to spend in and on the business
  •  How much revenue to generate for the desired lifestyle
  •  The location to work from - home or at the beach or traveling the world - up to you
And this also means, that you add tremendous value your clients:

Because it is absolutely IMPOSSIBLE to create an impactful Coaching Business without adding a lot of Value to your clients. When you do, the Precession (ripple effect, cause and effect) takes place - which will create more for everybody:

More revenue for your business (which is just a form to measure success and how many people you help) - and even more value and ROI for your clients. And the possibility to give back in form of volunteer work and free or low-cost programs.

What's possible when you work these strategies - financially?

Experience the exercises, tools and techniques:

Unlock the Secret Vault to your Brain and learn More, Faster, Better:

This is not your ordinary business program where you sit and wait until it’s over, bored, checking your watch and looking forward to the next break. During the whole program we are using

The Accelerated Learning Technique™

By engaging you in the processes, practicing, role & game playing and many exercises, we stimulate both your left and right brain so that you retain more of what you learn, have fun doing so and walk out of the program prepared to directly implement what you learned in your business. 

Your Lead Trainer
Nathalie Sabrina Dahl
Coming from over 20 years of business background and over 15 years studying Personal Development, Nathalie Sabrina Dahl combines both in a unique way.
Her Programs are effective & efficient, adding at least 5 - 10 Return on Investment to her clients.
The results prove that outstanding success does not necessarily require a lot of time.

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Location & Date:
November 28th, 2020, from 9 am to 7.30 pm


Walter Mittelholzerstrasse 8
8152, Glattbrugg
5 minutes away from Zürich Airport, near the train station and a few kilometres from the city centre itself. The hotel has good train, tram and bus connections to the city centre, providing a convenient car park directly in front of the hotel at a reduced fee for our guests.
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You would be the first one - ever - to ask for a refund. 
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